First Draft Play..

by Studio Zat

“We have been given very powerful tools think believe in world peace, to love "

Successfully Funded
$1,025 Raised(103%) — 11 Funders

Mind and Soul - Play..

by Feyrouz Abou Hassan

Help young artists and give them a chance to create a path of their own. Support young talent.

Successfully Funded
$6,000 Raised(100%) — 22 Funders

D-CAF FESTIVAL (Cairo): Urban visions..

by D-CAF Festival

20 wheelchairs needed for a D-CAF street performance. Then we'll donate them to a worthy cause.

Successfully Funded
$2,610 Raised(100%) — 17 Funders

New Think Theater: Inform, Inspire, Innovate..

by Newthink Theater

New Ideas that inspire, entertain, and above all have a long lasting impact on the audience.

Successfully Funded
$5,000 Raised(100%) — 6 Funders

MAKE ME: a Beirut play about youth, language and ajnabis..

by Rich Thornton

A dance-and-dialogue theatre performance about youth, language and relationships in Beirut.

Successfully Funded
$2,500 Raised(125%) — 59 Funders