26 Letters, Rebuild a Generation..

by 26 Letters

Support 26 Letters' campaign and help us bear the costs of a larger educational facility for our current students and those

دنيا الاطفال..

by إمتثال عبدالمجيد..

ساعدو اطفال السودان أطفالنا أطفالكم بتأسيس مجمع كامل مختص بجميع متطلبات الأطفال من تعليم وصحه والعاب والملابس والأغذية وخدمات اخري

Save these dogs' only home..

by Nuhad Sheikh

These dogs were shot, abused or dumped Help us give them and others a decent life thru education, rescuing,adoption and saving

Give a Future to Underprivileged Children fighting Cancer!..

by Karma Association

Provide medical treatment for children with cancer. Support their dreams of becoming nurses, teachers, and engineers!


by SADA Playback Theatr..

Support our campaign to open SADA, the first Social Expressive Arts Studio at the former dividing conflict line in Tripoli,

Mezajoha Eshque..

by أحمد عبد الجواد..

This is the first Sufi mix that revives the spirit of the traditional Sufi music from around the world by using contemporary

Support 28 surviving abused dogs!..

by Jessica Rahhal

A group of 28 surviving dogs was rescued on Sunday, Nov. 11, whipped and abused by a woman in the South, needing urgent medical