Stand for what you stand on..

by Ethar Hegazy

I was chosen out of 7722 applicants to represent my country in BAIMUN to raise awareness on the plastic crisis and fight

A charming natural place that needs a lens..


Hi My name is Youness, a young Moroccan from Demnat Near us, there is a unique natural place called "ImiNifri" that needs

Al Asala Restaurant for traditional and modern meals..


Support the traditional Arab and Amazigh cuisine and contribute to the preservation of the modern and traditional flavor

انشاء مزرعة دواجن اللاحم..

by رشيد الجعواني..

يرتكز المشروع على بناء حضاىر لنربية تربية الدجاج اللاحم وتجهيزها بجميع التجهيزات الضرورية من الماء والكهرباء والمكيفات الحرارية

Betty Cash..

by Ahmed Mohamed

We are an Egyptian team has a new innovation and helps to create jobs for all categories We need your financial support to

Broken Heart Rescue..

by Nadine Kalache

Heartbreak can be so intense and unfortunately no Band-Aid can heal this one. I wish to offer a complete healing practice

حمله توعيه تنظيف المدينه من القمامه واعاده تدويرها..

by taha farghaly

الحث على المحافظه على نظافه المدينه وما لها من مزايا نفسيه وصحيه وماديه عن طريق تدوير المخلفات الناجمه عن إستخدامات المنازل

Train Sinnar children to make the film..

by مجتبى أحمد عطية محم..

Attention to youth training them on the skills of the age of the most important tasks, especially now the age of technology

Warm winter..

by Save Boat

The project aims to provide relief for children in winter and provide heavy winter cladding to protect them from cold and