Cyber Talents: The Place to Measure your Cyber Skills

A Platform to Discover Talents in Cyber Scurity through Hackathons & Online Labs and Exams
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

What is Cyber Talents ?

CyberTalents is a platform that helps universities, schools, governments and companies to discover & recruit talents in Cyber Security field through hackathons, competitions and online lab assessments.

Governments, Security agencies, large enterprises are, all, desprately searching for cyber security talents that can cope with latest cyber security risks and threats in cyber world. Millions of credit cards, data records, passwords and others are stolen every day. Althought technology is developing rapidly but still human is the main asset in this game.

Cyber talents is an online portal to discover, assess and measure your cyber security skills either in network security, web security, digital forensics, malware reverse engineering, cryptography or other fields through online competitions and games. Our competitive advantage is that we build real online scenarios to every user with different levels as if he is attacking or defending a real system. Companies will be able to recruit talents that proved their skills in different fields.Every user will have a profile with a score of each sector in cyber security field that make it easy for companies to hire the best needed candidate.

What We Need & What You Get

5000 USD Build Cyber Talents Platform :

    • Backend Design & Development 2,000 USD 
    • Frontend Design & Development 1,000 USD
    • Purchasing Basic Online Network Infrastructure 2,000 USD

+5000 USD Build the First 100 Challenges in Web , Network, Reverse Engineering:

    •  Development of Challenges 4,000 USD 
    •  Implementation of Challenges on Amazon Web Servers 1,000 USD

+5000 USD Launch the First Regional Competition :

  • Competition Development &Implementation 1,000 USD 
  • Venue Reservation 3000 USD
  • Marketing 1000 USD
  • + 5000 USD Build the Recruitment Portal :

  •  Development of the recruitment portal to match winners of competitions with companies needs 3,000 USD 
  •  Marketing for the Recruitment services 2,000 USD
  • The Portal is in the development and testing phase. By funding this project, you will help to fasten the launch of Cyber Talents to all cyber security community. 

    Our big goal is to launch the first regional competition in Arab Countries for cyber security talents in 2016 with a prize of 10,000 USD . Moreover, The winners will be recruited in presitigous positions in cyber security field . Through Cyber Talents, you will be able to test and enhance your skills in the cyber security field and might be one of the winners who win the valuable prize in the regional competition

    The Impact

    Cyber Security is a hot topic , companies are searching for employees to secure their information . so whether you are an employee or a fresh graduate or a big enterprise, helping to launch will help to solve this problem either by finding a job for yourself , or find acandidate for your organization that meet the criteria you need

    How Can I help ?

    You don't have to be technical geek to fund our project . All of us are subject to Digital theft, hacking and different malwares.Sharing that project to your community through social media and your contacts, will help us to make the world a better secured place

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