Abandoned - a Socially Relevant Short Film

A film that highlights how gender biased laws and a culture of impunity can cause a young girl to end up living on the streets.
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Campaign Summary:

Article 1 of  Decree No.15 on Lebanese Nationality of 19 January 1925 deprives women of granting Lebanese Citizenship to their foreign husbands and to her children from a foreign husband. This is in contravention of multiple international conventions and treaties related to  gender equality and children's rights. We have created a story which we would like to transform into a short film in order to raise awareness of the issue both at home and internationally.


Who we are:

We are a bunch of students and professionals working together in order to create socially engaged cinema. We have a strong belief in the idea that cinema is a window in to our society and that through socially engaged cinema we may at least show a reflection of reality if not change things for the better. 


What do we want to do:

Creating a short socially engaged movie


What is our story:

In a country, like Lebanon, where women married to foreign men may not pass on their citizenship to their children, a young girl, whose Lebanese mother is married to a stateless Palestinian man, ends up living on the streets of Beirut, after she witnesses the murder of her parents in an incident of road rage. This is the premise of the film we are proposing to shoot this May.


Why is this story important to tell:

We believe that Article 1 of  Decree No.15 on Lebanese Nationality of 19 January 1925, which stipulates that a Lebanese woman may not pass on her citizenship to her foreign husband and children,  is an archaic law that not only is in contravention of multiple international treaties and conventions, all of which Lebanon is signatory of, but is also a direct contributor to gender inequality and the plight of children. According to a UNDP study there are 77,400 documented cases that travers all social, confessional and economic backgrounds in Lebanon. We have done our research and have concluded that every little aspect of our story is plausible and the possibility of a child ending up being abandoned to the street is quite real.  We want to be proud Lebanese citizens, we cannot in clear conscious be proud when our own laws not only degrade the rights of women but also endanger the lives of children. For this reason, we have come together to tell the story of Nour, a 13-year-old young lady who witnesses the murder of her parents and ends up on the streets of Beirut because of this precarious law.

Where are we in our preparations:

We have been working hard since November 2018 to bring this project together. We have a story board, we have cast most of our actors, we have pinned down all our locations and are almost ready to shoot.

What do we need:

All the production team and actors, with the exception of children who we insist on remunerating as to not exploit them, are volunteering their time to make this film happen. We are even being provided with some in-kind assistance from the Lebanese American University to help make it so. However, the reality of filmmaking is that not everything can be done for free. We would like to raise $10,000 to cover production expenses such as:

  • Food for 3 days for about 40 people

  • Remuneration for all the children who will act in the film

  • Equipment rental for 3 days

  • Material for art direction (costumes, make up, set design, etc)


Be part of something greater

Whatever which way you feel that you may be able to contribute will be greatly appreciated. If you can not contribute financially then please do contribute in-kind by sharing and promoting this fundraising campaign to your social media network. We encourage the idea of a collective collaborative project that brings like-minded, or at least similar minded, people together for a common and good cause. So help us and be part of something greater than normal life.

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  06 Mar,2019

Yesterday we launched our campaign and you have all responded positively.

We would like to thank everyone who shared our project and we hope that you will continue to do so until reach our object on March 30. We will have many updates for you, our dear friends, as we go along. Yesterday we reached 8% of our first milestone. Let us keep fanning the flames and make this happen. Be a part of our film spread the word and help us achieve our target.

ونود أن نشكر كل من شارك في مشروعنا ونأمل أن تواصلوا القيام بذلك حتى نصل إلى هدفنا في 30 آذار / مارس. سيكون لدينا العديد من التحديثات لكم ، أصدقائنا الأعزاء ، ونحن نمضي في المشروع. أمس وصلنا إلى 8% من معلمنا الأول. دعونا نستمر بإشعال النيران ونجعل هذا يحدث كن جزءا من فيلمنا ساهم في نشر الكلمة  وساعدنا على تحقيق هدفنا.






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