creative studio to provide Sudan history to Sudanese people and the world as comics
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

what is Alhaggay project 

It is a project to disseminate knowledge of history and heritage of Sudanese and also humanitarian through the story  or "hegoah" as it is named in Sudan, and is divided into several stages, we are now in the process of financing the second phase, after the continued riddles oral stage in the open air for ten years ago, and as a result of it a good number of college of fine and applied art have made their graduation projects related to Sudanese history and heritage, more than the years preceding the project 

We need your support  in this phase 

Your support will provide us with Five graphic workstations costs of 13000 U.S.D before customs

, and Five Drawing Tablet costs 5000 U.S.D before customs

and the studio setup 

The second phase is to create a studio to convert a considerable number of heritage an historical stories as fantasy that Alhaggay  (Mohammed Yahia mahjoub ) have written, to turn these stories into comics, and also to raise the capabilities of the team (illustrators and figures designers and Inking and coloring artists) , so be the core of the third stage, a stage of animation studio, and will be after several years

you can support us also by spreading the word and talking about the project with your friends acquaintance and potential backers  

linked is me describing why tell stories  

Mohamed says: عشان أطفالنا ما يكونوا ضايعين بين أفلام كرتون مترجمة وقصص ما ليها علاقة بواقعنا عشان يعرفوا من أي بلد ومن أي حضارة هم .. وعشان انتاج سوداني محترف .. يعبر عننا أنا بدعم الحجاي وبالتوفيق يا محمد يحي
22 Apr,2016 at 11:53 am

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  17 May,2016

انتشرت فكرة المشروع بشكل كبير في الايام الماضية , و كل الشكر لحلقة تم تسجيلها مع تلفزيون النيل الازرق شكرا لكل من دعمونا قبل الحلقة و بعدها 

و دعم الشباب السوداني الغير منقطع في وسائل التواصل الجماعي 

و ايضا حوار كامل عن المشروع في صحيفة الوطن 

 هدفنا  الوصول الى قلوب السودانيين و كل بيت سوداني 

و من ثم دعمهم للفكرة لبناء الاستديو 

نحتاجكم معنا لجعل هذا الحلم حقيقة, لبناء مستقبل متسامح وانساني اكثر 

بعيدين من القيمة المحتاجينها للوصول لهدفنا 

بس معاكم اكيد بنصل 

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Khartoum, Sudan
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story teller from Sudan, working on building better future by using the word and a smile

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we will organize a visit to Sudan , including a trip to historical place and a night of stories, and tickets for you and your family for the first film we produce in your home country
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company’s logo will be spotted inside the edition only, and explained as follow: a. The company’s logo will be spotted in the two ads pages b. The company’s logo will be spotted in the puzzle pages
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the company ads and logo will take place at the hotspots and shared by other companies’ logos as well. And they will have: a. The logo will take place at the two pages inside the edition shared with other companies b. The title of main sponsor c. The two covers will be branded with their logos and shared with other companies d. The puzzle margin pages will be branded with their logo and shared by other companies
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