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Specialist decor project, in addition to the recycling of solid waste to use in home decoratin
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Antica ( Idea for tomorrow)

Antica group:

we are a group of youth. we met by coincidence from various specializations , but the integrated desire is union us because the usual answer : "solid wastes is going to the basket" is not enough anymore.

 -The project's Idea :

 a specific project working on decoration, Interior design and recycling the solid wastes to Reuse it into homes decoration by reasonable prices.

Note: ( All the pictures here is  Antica's team design  )

 -Our Mission:

 be active and make the difference by yourself. as socrates quote: "intelligent diverts the hideousness to beauty". a little bit changes can leave a huge influence deeply inside you, and deeply inside others : paint your room, change the furniture, create your own special space in the home like a reading area or a corner to watch your favorite movies with your family in. find a private place to attach your favorite pictures or your favorite quotes or your favorite stickers. don't throw any unused material but recycle it, merge it with your soul and share the idea with your family. it's not expensive, some colors and fabrics could give you a new joy. beauty is centered inside the simple Acts and it's such a nice poet which no one can steal because in our project you are the poet , and your soul is part of your poet , so no one can copy your beauty.

(Children's room with color combination blue , green and yellow from Antica design )

. so, the project will go into many directions 

 1- decoration and interior design : we have a team of specialist engineers .

(Children's room with color combination orange and brow from Antica design )

(Children's room with color combination blue and white from Antica design )

 2-recycling the solid wastes: like empty bottles and the cartoon boxes. -our view and opinion can be explained at the following: 

1-beauty is simple recommending a touch of desire and passion and an intention to revision. we do that by recycling waste products into attractive and beautiful decors.

2-the environmental vision: and we are trying here to follow the advances countries which recycles the waste products and encourages the recycling.

3-due to Gaza stripe's economical bad state, this project offering an excellent opportunity to employ a several labor forces if we noticed that the project includes a workshop for recycling.

3-at the long term we contemplate in forming a groups to Redecorate an entire areas.

 -problems we face: 

1- one of the big problems we face that we don't our own headquarter , so we need to rent one. our Ideal headquarter contains of 3 partitions:

 A- interior design and decoration office.

 B- recycling workshop. 

C- meetings hall : for workshops and meetings.

 2- The financial Problems which prevent us to rent what we mentioned about our needs.

 -what we need: 

we need about 8000 US dollars divided as following:

 A- 3000 US dollar : rent for six months

B-  about 1,000   US dollar for furniture  (Chair- desks- Tables)

 C- 1000 US dollars for buying some basic materials (glue, paint, fabrics, wood, scissors ..etc)

 D- 2500 dollars for buying 2 high specifications laptops. and this is too important for decorating and designing. 


 The first achievement can be achieved at 3,000$ , where we can pay the rent for about six months,So we can find a place where we can meet and use for more than one purpose: 

1-At the workshop we will put all the raw material like cartoons and glasses that we will use it to finish our work untill we got the whole amount of money.

2- Get started at the workshop with children and women and learn them how to recycle their own things And to take care of their enviroment..

your help will let us able to: 

1- provide a suitable place to follow-up the work

. 2-prepare more plans to expand the project by marketing our idea.

 3-convene a workshop to aware people about environment respect.

 4-in future : we are thinking about building up a permanent exhibition to show our products permanently, and about attracting more people to be part of the idea. 

 -other ways can help:

 if you are not able to support us financially, you can support us by many other ways like sharing the project's idea with your families and friends. also you can apply the idea inside your homes by recycling some solid wastes and sending us the photos , and we will be glad for it.

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Antica Team: We are group of people from different fields (architecture, business management, IT and internal design) gathered by one passion which is making beauty in the simplest way. Our massage: be effective; make a difference by your own, as…

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