Caesar cider is an added value product initiated to support farmers and decrease rural migration in response to the 5 year apple crisis!
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About us:

Caesar Cider is a fresh fizzy apple cider filled in 330 mL and 750 ml bottles. Its mission is to develop the Apple Value Chain (AVC) in response to the apple crisis that has been prevalent in Lebanon for the fourth year now and the need to process the apple produce. AVC development is made through an added value product that can benefit the sector and bring in economic return to the farmers and the company itself. This is done through working with rural apple farmer cooperatives by buying their apple juice and fermenting it. Hence, the process will increase sales of non-marketable apples at the farmer level, moreover it increases shelf life of an apple by-product up to 16 months and reaches a wider diversity of consumers.

Caesar cider started in November 2016 with an idea in response to the apple crisis. As apple cider is well known in Europe, mainly United Kingdom, and is consumed in large quantities, the founders found a market penetration gap in the Lebanese market with a new product that can work on solving the apple crisis that is happening. As Lebanon produce more than 320,000 Tons of fresh apples/ year more than 40% of the production either goes to waste or is in the non-marketable form. This loss is shared with more than 170,000 farmers in the sector out of which 85% are small-scale.

Having a product that is derived form 100% fresh apple juice and is demanded by the market population proves as a solution. Each 1 liter of apple juice is converted from 2.5 Kg of apples making 3 bottles of cider!

Yes Lebanon is known for its party scene so lets toast over a cider to revive the Lebanese apple sector! 

Impact on the rural sector and related economic development project:

Direct social impact:

Increasing Caesar cider production capacity will directly increase purchases of Fresh Apple Juice from “2” apple farmer cooperatives. Purchasing non-marketable apples from the market will bring in lost economic return to the benefited farmers (estimated around 170 farmers) and will open the doors to upscale the processing line to handle larger apple surplus quantities. Additionally, apple farmers are enticed to sustain their orchards and farming revenues when we are witnessing the abandonment of apple orchards.

Indirect social impact:

When farmers experience an economic return from wasted apples, and a positive shift in market price they will be motivated to tend better their orchards and improve their agricultural practices. This will lead to robustness of jobs in the agricultural practices related to apple growing (estimated at 5 labors per farmer), the involvement of young farmers in the apple sector, in addition to creating job opportunities at the cooperative level and the Caesar ciders company leading to a decrease in rural migration.

Why do we need your support?

Milestone 1: $5,600 will be used to purchase glass bottles to help increase juice filling at cooperative level.

Milestone 2: $21,000 for purchasing glass bottles + a pasteurizer. This will enable us to expand our work with diverse cooperatives that only have a juicing press, and the pasteurizer will be an added value helping them to increase the shelf-life of their juice up to 2 years.

Milestone 3: $56,000  for purchasing glass bottles + a pasteurizer + brewing tanks. This will increase our cider production volumes increasing apple juice sales and the total impact on the apple sector as a whole.

How can YOU support us?

1. donate and be part of this national sustainable solution supporting the Lebanese apple sector

2. share this campaign with your personal network to increase outreach and awareness 

3. consume fresh apple juice and fresh cider and become an impactful consumer while enjoying a great natural taste



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Caesar cider was founded by Nassim Njeim, a rural development specialist and an agricultural engineer. As a specialist in value chain development and collective action, there is a concrete framework that will be followed with the cooperatives as a pilot…

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