Fund Beirut Cat Cafe: The First Pet Cafe in Lebanon!

Beirut Cat Cafe is a pet cafe that offers you delicious coffee & food, with the company of rescue cats looking for their forever homes
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Help fund Lebanon's first cat cafe!

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Beirut Cat Cafe will be the first pet cafe in Lebanon, and the second in the middle east! If you love coffee and cats, then you are in the right place. 

Our cafe invites you to hang out with a big lovely group of rescue cats, while sipping on hot coffee and enjoying delicious food. And the best part? All the cats are rescue cats and are up for adoption!

Actual 3D simulation of Beirut Cat Cafe by Razan Zaatari

BETA has been kind enough to allow us to foster their shelter cats. From kittens to senior cats, you will find them all roaming freely here at Beirut Cat Cafe, and they will be ready to receive all the love you have to offer!

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- In partnership with BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Petriotics.

You can be a part of Beirut Cat Cafe

We need YOU to make this amazing experience come to life.

Actual 3D simulation of Beirut Cat Cafe by Razan Zaatari

In order for Beirut Cat Cafe to be open and running, we need to have the mentioned amount of money. The project is definitely a costly one to start up, but very rewarding when it succeeds. We already have a few partners on board, but it's not enough. WE NEED YOU.

1. Donate here to Beirut Cat Cafe and claim your rewards!

From discount coupons, t-shirts and keychains, to gift shop items, engraved trophies, and name mentions inside the cafe on the thank-you wall! We want to show you how much we appreciate your support, so checkout the rewards section on this page!

What will your money be used for?

  • Phase 1
    • First rent deposit
    • Company legal fees

  • Phase 2
    • Second rent deposit
    • Architecture fees

  • Phase 3
    • Construction and decoration
    • Cat furniture and supplies
    • Cat security systems

  • Phase 4
    • Running supplies (coffee, food, gift shop)
    • Equipment and machinery
    • Running costs (electricity, water...)
    • Staff salaries 

(Check bellow for Our Progress section to read more about what we've accomplished so far)

2. Become a partner. Own shares in Beirut Cat Cafe!

We are still looking for more people to join Beirut Cat Cafe as partners. If you are interested in joining us, contact us directly to the following email so we can meet in person and talk more:

Our mission

Other than a fun enjoyable experience, Beirut Cat Cafe has a specific mission towards the community.

Raise Awareness: Shelter Rescue Animals

We aim to break the stigma of "shelter cats are not good enough" and increase cat adoptions. Our motto is "Adopt Don't Shop". Our customers will be able to adopt our cats through BETA's system.

Long Term Goal

By increasing adoptions from BETA's animal shelter, Beirut Cat Cafe is allowing more space and resources at the shelter. In other words, BETA will be able to rescue and take in more cats in need of help!

A community that is kind to its animals, is a better community. We want to take care of the abandoned and abused, and offer them new warm and loving homes.

What should you expect?

Beirut Cat Cafe will bring you a brand new and exciting experience. It will be like no other coffee shop in Lebanon. Our priority is keep you and our cats in synced happiness!

Now let us walk you through your journey when visiting us:

Actual 3D simulation of Beirut Cat Cafe by Razan Zaatari

1. Coffee

Let's start with the delicious freshly brewed coffee and a mouth watering food menu including a deserts section full of irresistible fresh pastries and sweets. (yum!)

If you don't eat meat, then you're in the right place, because we also caters for all you animal lovers with our vegetarian and vegan food items. 

2. Cats!

What's better than hanging out with friendly cats while sipping on your hot coffee on a nice Sunday afternoon? After you've picked out your order, move on to the best part of the cafe. Choose your seat, make yourself comfortable and brace yourself for all the furry love! 

If you're in the mood for some fun, then feel free to pick out a cat toy from the box to play with any cat around you. You can also ask the staff to provide you with some cat treats!

Actual 3D simulation of Beirut Cat Cafe by Razan Zaatari

Are you looking for a relaxing time with your friends? Pick out a book from our library, lay back on a couch and snuggle with a sleepy cat for some quite reading and coffee conversation.

3. Cat Themed Gift Shop :D

Cat themed gift shop! While you're here, don't forget to take a look at our cat themed items and accessories. 

We will also offer some items for your cats at home to enjoy! Such as food, treats and toys...

We want to benefit the community!

1. Adding a creative and original new local shop to Beirut

Lebanon’s 1st cat cafe will be a unique new platform that brings people together as one community for a good cause.

2. We want people to know more about shelter cats

We want to introduce everyone to shelter cats, but in a nice and cozy environment. This way, our visitors will be able to get to know each cat's character and decide if that

3. We're reaching out to help animal welfare NGOs

By increasing cat adoption, we're allowing BETA to have more space and resources to bring in and rescue more cats. We will also be participating in constantly raising funds and donations for BETA.

Our Progress So Far

We have been super busy planning for this project, and here's where we are now:

  • We've raised almost 35% of the total required amount from investors and partners but we need your help with the rest!

  • Secured a very trusted team of creative individuals who are experts in their fields of work
  • Created project consulting and financial feasibility studies to insure that we're starting a successful business. We want to keep doing what we're doing for a long time!

  • Architecture and design planning, as you can see in the renders above. We hired a cat furniture specialist to provide the most suitable space for cats and humans to be comfortable together.

  • Designed a unique and delightful menu of delicious coffee and food

  • We've contacted numerous cat cafe owners from all over the world for our risk analysis. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible at Beirut Cat Cafe 

Our Partners

BETA - Beirut for Ethical Treatment of Animals

Other than providing Beirut Cat Cafe with a group of cats, our partnership is a friendly relationship with ongoing collaborations for the well being of our cats.


Petriotics is a local business that provides pet owners with home delivery for pet supplies.  They will be supplying the shop with some of their cat supplies. The gift shop area will also include some items that you can purchase by Petriotics.

Interview with OTV

Donate, share and spread the word everywhere!

We appreciate your amazing support, and look forward to introduce you to our cats at Beirut Cat Cafe <3


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