70 youth will camp together, learn to live as one with nature, and build character
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Who are we

The Shepherd's Field Scout was created on 1994, since then it has been helping the community and do activities in order to help the youth develop in their teenage stage. 

Our Scout has between 150 to 200 members. It has two musical marching bands, which are the Drums marching band and the Musical Brass band. It also has two marching bands for cubs between the age of 7 to 12.

Each year the Shepherd's Field Scout organizes a camp for its members. The camp is a way for the youth to be involved in a summer activity that is both fun and beneficial to them and their surrounding. At camp, the youth learn the importance of environmental conservation, to live as one with nature, to work as a team, and to learn the important of social consciousness in serving the community at-large.

Each year, between 70 and 120 youth members of the scout go through the summer program. 

What we want to do

Starting at the end of July, the camp will take place for a duration of 7 days. During those days, a few hiking trips will take place, in addition to learning survival skills, and attending camp-based leadership training through interactive lectures with local leaders. Moreover, the camp will teach discipline through daily inspection of the cleanliness of the tents, and fulfillment of the various chores around the camp ground. Campers are always encouraged to take initiatives. This is most evident in the art work, using wood and stones, that continues to spring around camp throughout the camping period.

Our organization and  are based in Bethlehem, a city that has suffered under occupation for decades. Our campers and members have witnessed first hand injustice, intolerance, and war-related trauma. As group leaders, and camp organizers, we feel that it is our social obligation to attempt to project an idea of a better future on our youth. The Camp we are doing is a tool to let them blow off steam in a healthy educational way and let them focus their energy in an productive manner.

What we need

The scout is a Non - Profit - Organization, therefore funding our projects is not easy, and not always we are able to do our activities due to a shortage in funds. Usually we get our funds from the local community.  We need for this event 5000 USD. The money will go to renting the camping place, and buying equipment for the day use in the camp ($1000), providing every day meal for our members($600), printing T-shirts and hats ($1000), and buying tents, each tent will cost $400, we need 6 tents in addition of the tents we already have. 

The Impact 

Our Organization been helping and doing social events for the purpose of developing the community. We feel it's our mission to raise awareness about the youth role in the society and how the society can let them grow to be productive. We successfully made it possible to have a big race for the whole city to participate in it as a social gathering event. The Race is called the freedom race which take place each year for the fourth years now. 

How to support us

 We need every support we can have, not just financial support. We need your support in sharing our campaign around the world, help the world understand the situation of occupation and violence our youth have to endure, and to keep us in your prayers. You can make a difference, and there is always a place to start.

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