CrossTalk bus is used for its various humanitarian and Christian education purposes, which are constantly expanding!
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

At CrossTalk, transportation remains to be the biggest barrier for families and groups to visit our community and to take advantage of our free learning programs.

As a result, in order to alleviate this unnecessary hurdle, CrossTalk has recently acquired a minibus, on credit. By God's blessing, it was able to cover 40% of the cost or $11,353 of the total $28,330 (registration included).

The bus is primarily used to transport students of all ages to/from the organization for weekly Christian education classes. In addition, it is the bedrock of CrossTalk's humanitarian objectives, being of paramount importance in visiting refugees, orphans, underprivileged families, the elderly, delivering food to the hungry etc.

Any donated sum will be of great help to CrossTalk and will be deeply appreciated by the entire CrossTalk family! Should you not be able to donate, we humbly ask you to share this crowdfunding campaign and help CrossTalk reach everywhere, so that in turn we can help spread the Joy!

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CrossTalk is a non-profit ecumenical Christian education program embracing more than 300 students ranging from toddlers to adults belonging to different religious denominations and nationalities.The CrossTalk community provides its members with the opportunity to grow spiritually and live the Word…

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