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Deghri Messengers' journey to the European Cycle Messenger Championships 2014
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

European Champions? Wow, nice one guys and galls!

Well, not quite, we need your help to get there. Here's why.

Deghri Messengers is a bike messenger service in Beirut. This means we deliver all kinds of stuff around the city using only bicycles and the power of our own bodies. It's hard work and takes a special mix of fitness, passion for cycling, city orientation and pure guts.

some of the Deghri messengers taking a break from the road

Luckily we're not on our own. There is an international community of bike messengers - professionals who work on their bikes every day to serve businesses in their respective cities. In the age of the internet, we can feel connected to this community by sharing news and advice online. However, nothing beats actually getting together with hundreds of messengers in one city, and this is what the ECMC (European Cycle Messenger Championship) is all about.

In the championships (this year from 3rd to 6th July in Stockholm, Sweden), messengers come together to hang out, exchange stories and most importantly to race! The goal is to be crowned the fastest messengers in and around Europe.

As a fairly new messenger service, it's extremely valuable for us to attend the championship, meet other messengers and of course test our riding skills. What's more, we will be representing Lebanon at this event, the most important in the bike messenger calendar in this part of the world.

the global messenger community at last year's world championship in Switzerland

An essential part of this endeavor is the journey itself. We will first visit Copenhagen, the recognised global capital of urban cycling, to try and take back lessons for ways to encourage cycling in Beirut. Then we will cycle around 700km to get to Stockholm.

What's the best thing about this? We will document our journey and the days at the Championship and report on it to our supporters, producing postcards, photoprints and a booklet of interviews with the messengers at the festival. Check the rewards section for more details.

Well off you go, then! Good luck to you!

The thing is, this project needs a bit of financial support to get off the ground. That means your support. Whatever reason you have, because you appreciate our delivery service, because you admire what we are trying to do in Beirut, or because you like the idea of us representing the Lebanese urban cycling scene at an important event abroad - we are grateful for anything you can contribute.

Specifically, we need support for the following:

  • Flights from Beirut to Copenhagen and from Stockholm to Beirut ($3,250)
  • Visas ($300)
  • Accommodation in Copenhagen ($300)
  • Bike touring equipment (mainly spare parts and a few tools) ($500)
  • Production costs of resulting booklet, postcards and photoprints ($650)

We will cover the rest of the costs ourselves; these include food, accommodation in Stockholm, and registration fees for the Championship. 

Why should I support Deghri's Swedish adventure?

Because we are a group of young people from Lebanon looking to make a change in the country. Our inspiration often comes from being part of an international movement of delivery by bicycle, and attending the Championship will bring us closer to this community. The journey as well as the competition will help us grow as people and give us determination to continue our efforts in Lebanon.

some 100% Lebanese cedars being delivered by a 100% Danish cargo bicycle

Representing Lebanon in Stockholm will give people a fresh perspective on what is going on in the country. We will represent one of the positive faces of Lebanon - that of the new generation filled with energy and new ideas about how to improve our cities. 

I can't give money, but I'd like to help you out...

Well, shout about us! Tell your friends, share this page on facebook, and encourage people to support us.

If you are a messenger planning to attend the Championship in Stockholm and would like to share your story in an interview with us, please get in touch so we can hook up during the weekend of the Championship.

If you are a photographer in Stockholm, we could definitely do with some help on the visual side - our talents being mainly on the interviewing/writing side than the visual portraits side.

Do you have a printing house in Beirut? Would you like to support our trip by offering to sponsor the printing of our materials after we return?

If any of the above apply, please get in touch.

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The Deghri Messengers team going to Sweden is made up of five passionate cyclists based in Beirut, who are all intimately involved in Deghri Messengers. Mohamed works in a local NGO, works for Deghri on Saturdays and manages the Deghri…

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$20 or more

195 Available

On our journey through Sweden, we will be accompanied by a couple of talented photographers (Sebastian Dahl and Alain Guillebeau) and a gifted illustrator (Siwar Kraytem) who will document the trip in photo and sketch form. On our return, these will be turned into a set of unique postcards as a memento for our supporters. For this sponsorship, you will get a set of three postcards.
$30 or more

48 Available

Support our participation in the ECMC in Stockholm, and you'll get some Deghri love back in Beirut. Choose this reward, and you'll get one free delivery every week for a month of your choice. If you're working on a project and are going to be needing some fast deliveries, see it as a little helping hand from us that can be called upon at any time.
$35 or more

20 Available

Not so interested in the cycling-related rewards? Just want a good old touristic souvenir? We'll bring back some typical Swedish stuff for you. Expect some delicious rye knaekebroed, pickled herring or lingonberry jam.
$50 or more

47 Available

One of the best things about messenger championships is the amount of gear you can pick up. Stickers, caps, special cycling shirts, and the list goes on. We will bring you back a memento of the championship, either a cycling cap, a shirt, or even a personal shirt from one of the racers (complete with race-day sweat if desired).
$100 or more

148 Available

Bike messengers have a lot of stories to tell, and during the Championship, we will do our best to capture them in word and image. We will produce a booklet of photographic portraits and interviews, in English with Arabic translation, that will introduce the Lebanese audience to the wild and wonderful world of bike messengers. As a thankyou for your sponsorship, you will receive a copy of this booklet.
$100 or more

14 Available

One of the above mentioned photographers is the professional traveling photographer Sebastian Dahl (, who has a close connection to Beirut and to Deghri. He will capture the essence of long-distance cycle touring in ten images, which will become ten limited edition print series. Each series will be limited to ten prints, and as a sponsor, you will receive one of these ten.
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