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Haven aims to empower youth & artists by giving them a safe space, where they can learn and grow creatively together - empowered & supported
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We are Haven for Artists, a local-based non-profit arts organisation, which is for the arts by the arts. Haven is based in Beirut, Lebanon, but aims to support new and emerging artists throughout the Middle-Eastern region.


This crowdfunding campaign is to help us reach our goals. Firstly being the sustainability of the Haven house workshops and projects to encourage and strengthen the cultural and artistic aspects of our community. Second to continue the many projects we have already underway, such as projects for social engagement and awareness campaigns. Thirdly to prolong and sustain the Haven for Artists International Artist residency program. Where artists from any where in the world can contact Haven and receive one of the three available residencies. The residencies are for free to all the artists in exchange for giving workshops and preparing their projects for either exhibition or showcasing and the end of their term. 

Haven for Artists’ community engagement is divided into two facets: The first of them being Haven-led programs which make way for the organization and implementation of Haven-led projects; these range anywhere from large artistic gatherings and concerts to exhibitions and festivals, where independent and emerging artists are encouraged to create in a safe space that is not bounded by the constraints of the region’s cultural conservatism.  


The second facet is the more tangible Haven House café, which is located in a 1950’s classic Lebanese House in Mar Mkhayel, refurbished and designed by the founding artists themselves. The house is an exhibition in itself, as almost everything found within it was built through upcycled wood from an abandoned school in Tripoli.  In the Haven House, artists are encouraged to work and discuss their projects with fellow artists and peers. The Haven House acts as the organization’s headquarters, also encouraging artists and art enthusiasts to come in and develop their projects with the insightful help of the Haven team. Through this, not only does Haven for Artists aim to provide a safe haven to its community, but also strives to promote the liberating act of artistic expression through providing them with a platform to do so.      


_the Haven House hosts: 

  • A contemporary working space and cafe 
  • Organized lectures 
  • Panel discussions on contemporary and social topics.
  • An allocated workshop area  
  • Community cohesion focus 
  • Haven for artists’ artistically led projects 

Below are some of the workshops currently held in the Havenhouse:

o    Darkroom sessions

o    Film Nights

o    Yoga sessions

o    Makrami 

o    Sculpting 

o    Sketching 

o    Performance poetry

o    Language courses //French and Arabic 

o    Script and writing workshops 

o    DIY carpentry workshops 

o    Flute making workshops 

o    On-location curation 

o    Paint mixing 

o    Photography session

o    How to manage your artwork and contracting 

  • Night courses and workshops to promote peer-to-peer collaboration and information/skill exchange.
  • Raw design lounge and living lounge which act as temporary working spaces for artists. the spaces can be transformed to accommodate screenings for daily projections including local shorts, premieres, classics, documentaries and multimedia
  •  A monthly rotation of visual exhibiting artists ranging from multi media to sculpting.
  • A fully functional photography dark room under the assistance of professional coaching or the option to rent the space per hour for personal use.
  • The sale of film cameras, photo paper, negative film, and polaroid film will be available.
  • The bathroom itself is one of the installations that form the interior of the Haven House. Haven produces a large amount of prints and constructed pieces internally in order to enhance the possibility of exposure and exchange of art in Beirut.
  •  A concept store with pop up spaces rented by different artists and individuals, that will rotate on a monthly basis.

Haven gatherings attract hundreds of art enthusiasts and attendees and have hosted over 180 participating artists. After hosting 39 artistic gatherings, 25 screenings, 120 jam sessions, 2 festivals, which include exhibitions, musical performances, and spoken word, Haven for Artists has opened the Haven House. After opening in June 2016 the HavenHouse serves primarily as an art hub, a consistent physical space where artists are supported and encouraged by an interdependent community of both artists and their peers. The acting Haven team continuously strives to build and improve the community in which peer-to-peer education, forums and collaborative projects can be used to assist aspiring and emerging artists to obtain the tools and skills necessary to pursuing their true passions.

_the haven community are the artists themselves 

Haven launched the "Meet the Protagonist" campaign to better introduce the world and the community within the Middle East to the artists that reside in the region.  

_Haven House location 

haven house is  located in the heart of Beirut in Mar Mikhael, Beirut. It is a 1950's classical Lebanese house redesigned and refurbished by various artists from a multitude of backgrounds and skill sets. Most of the wood was donated to Haven from an old demolished school located in Tripoli, Lebanon, whereas the remainder of material was found and collected up-cycled from locations across Beirut, using materials such as old piping, windows and doors. 

_Creative construction 

The house was entirely refurbished and given a interior facelift with a haven touch. artists built the house's furniture from scratch, and created beautiful installations throughout the house. Haven furniture and installations will be available for exhibition and purchase. artists will continually build new pieces to replace those sold in a cycle of creative construction, making the house itself a living gallery. 

_Haven in the press:Relying on word of mouth and our online exposure, Haven has slowly made its way into national and international media and is mentioned in the following outlets:

  • DIDASKALOS AGHONISTIKOS - ARTworks: HAVEN for Artists (August 2012)
  • – Haven for Artists (November 2012)
  • Agenda Culturel - Haven, un nouveau tremplin pour artistes (January 2013)
  • Skeyes Media - A Fractured Mirror: Beirut’s Cultural Scene and the Search for Identity (Author: Eric Reidy) (May 2013)
  • - Beating Scores, Scoring Beats: The 8-Bit Sounds of Rhea Dally (HfA mentioned) (October 2013)
  • - 24 Hours in Beirut with Dayna Ash (January 2014)
  • Time Out Beirut – Haven for Artists mentioned (page 50) (February 2014)
  • NOW - A haven for artists (May 2014)
  • BananaPook – Jello shots, stickers and art (May 2014)
  • Roundhouse – Talking doorsteps: A Common Terminology  (May 2014)
  • The European - Creating beauty from anger and despair (December 2014)
  • UV Lab - Haven for artists' The Merriment of Debris (June 2015)
  • AUB Outlook – Haven For Artists: for artists, by artists (April 2016)
  • ChEEk Magazine – Elle a ouvert une galerie artistique alternative en plein cœur de Beyrouth  (June 2016)
  • Lebanon Traveler MagazineLT Profiles: Haven for Artists
  • Libertine Magazine : Berlin in love edition // for the love of the arts // Haven for Artists (2016) 

Next time you are in Beirut, come in and say hi! Otherwise find us on facebook, Instagram, youtube, soundcloud and twitter! 

Haven for Artists  Youtube Link

Haven for Artists Facebook Link

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