Running in support of 3Families in need in Trablos, to help them start their small businesses
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Campaign successfully funded on: 28 Nov,2015

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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

You don't need to be a #SUPERHERO to make a change!

On November 8, I'll be running 42 kms for 3 families in need in Trablos. #IRUN4TRABLOS is a crowdfunding campaign in support of 3 families in need in Trablos, in order to help them start their very own small businesses that will give them a chance to have a sustainable income for the next 12 months.

What makes this a challenge? Over the past few years i had to undergo 4 knee surgeries. Getting back into sports in general doesn't come easy on me. I never ran marathons and actually never considered myself as a long distance runner. Or any distance runner. So I decided to change my own life and also to try to help making somebody else's life a little bit easier so I'm running this marathon for a worthy cause.

My objective is first to finish the race that I've been training for the past 3 months with Team Micky as part of Beirut Marathon's 542 Challenge, and also to collect as much money as possible to donate to those families and help them in every way possible.

The 6000$ will be equally divided between the 3 families. 

It will cover 12 months rent of 3 shops, and will also cover buying the essentials products so they can start the following businesses:

1-Sahlab Shop in Dahr El Moghr

2-1$ Shop In Tebbeneh

3-A Grocery Store In Jabal Mohsen 

Those 3 Families were chosen out of 40 applications based on how bad their situation is and how good their business ideas are. 

I've dedicated myself, my trainings and my miles/kms for those 3 families because i know it can change their lives. My pain is only temporary but their victory is definitely for ever.

I am running for a better future, and together we can make a difference.

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Beirut, Lebanon
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Dania Adhami, a peace runner, who will run the Beirut Marathon on november 8. Also a technical director, and a past lebanese volleybal champion.

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A night out with team Micky and the crew behind the #irun4trablos campaign
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You will be invited to the opening of the 3 shops in Trablos, and celebrate with the 3 families and us.
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