We Run for Your Brain Just Care 21km at Beirut Marathon

Running Beirut Marathon with Justine in her wheelchair, TBI Survivor Robson and IRONMAN and Athlete Nabil Aouad for Traumatic Brain Injury
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Who We Are

We are a non-profit organisation with the purpose of providing help to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients, from one family to another. We offer psychological assistance, light mobility equipment and financial support for therapeutic treatment and for medical care to families unable to afford them.

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Our Cause

We are running in the Beirut marathon together: Justine in her wheelchair, Robson Lindberg -a TBI survivor who flew expressly from Finland for this event,  and Nabil Aouad an IRONMAN athlete who accompanied Justine in her race preparations and training.

Each one of us is running the marathon with the intent to gradually achieve these three milestones

Our Milestones:

  1. $9600 to secure two Baclofen ampules every 2 months  for four brain injury patients suffering from spasticity.
  2. $11,200 to provide 120 sessions of multi-disciplinary therapies for a year for six brain injury patients.
  3. $21.500 to provide two brain injury patients with a baclofen pump testing and implant, treating post-hospital spasticity.

And why not exceeding our expectations and achieve the three milestones in this race where Justine will attempt to walk the last 30 meters to cross the finish line without her wheel chair!

Helping us achieve the above, will help us make life-changing impacts on the families and patients Just Care who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury. 

How to Support

Unable to fund our project, but looking to help? How about spread the word that Just Care are on Zoomaal and will be running the Beirut Marathon on November the 10th! 

Better yet, join our team and become a volunteer: http://justcarengo.org/#volunteer

Help us to Help, Heal and provide Hope!

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Beirut, Lebanon
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JUST CARE is a non-profit organization resulting from a family dilemma. In August 2014, a fatal traffic injury led to the death of a father and daughter and the catastrophic Traumatic Brain injury (TBI) of the third passenger, a 16-year-old…

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