New Think Theater: Inform, Inspire, Innovate

New Ideas that inspire, entertain, and above all have a long lasting impact on the audience.
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Campaign successfully funded on: 17 Feb,2014

This project has been successfully funded with $5,000 (100%)

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Short Summary

NewThink Theater was founded in 2009 to serve as a platform for knowledge and inspiration for the Jordanian community through carefully selected topics that are presented through a casual, informal, and heart to heart theatrical dialogue and presentations.

NewThink Theater is an organization that aims to “bring on stage people who have a message, something new, to inspire, entertain and above all have a long lasting impact on the audience” through real life examples of people who live by such mantra, who are innovators in their fields, and living examples of thinking outside the box. The audience is very diverse, attendees are from all over the Region, from all sectors of society, focusing on university students, dedicated to a better future and achieved success.The event is a theatrical dialogue sure to foster inhibited desires to follow passion and not look back. 

What We Need & What You Get

Well, by now you must be wondering, why now? And after successfully holding the event for four consecutive years, why is NewThink Theater in need for crowd funding?

The answer is very simple. We never did it for the money. Following 4 years of increasing success, We feel now is the right time to grow. Now is the time we raise the bar and build a model that is contagious, one that will spread across the region, a model that is replicated all over the Region. Now is the right time to make this experience a major event with a mass reach and impact.

We passionately believe in the importance and impact this event will have towards the development of the community because we believe it is important to involve the community to be a part of NTT. Because of this, we are planning to raise $5,000. 

Any kind of financial contribution you are willing to pledge is greatly appreciated. (starting with USD 25) whether as an individual or a corporate. Nonetheless, and equally important is getting you involved. 

We eventually want this event to be “By the community, and for the community” and we would also like you to be part of the big picture. 

All contributors' pictures will be put on New think theater screens at the event day as a Newthink family member! In addition, 2 invitations will be waiting for the contributor at the Cultural palace for the theater and also for all NewThink events (festival, studio, theater)

Here’s how your money will be used:

Stage lights

Sound system



Zoomaal fees


Venue reservation (Cultural Palace) 


The audience is very diverse, attendees arrive from all over the country; from all sectors of society young and old, rich and poor. And all of them share a dedication to a better future and a brighter outlook. In 2013, the event successfully attracted 2,000 visitors.

Speakers in the NewThink Theater are innovators in their fields, and living examples of thinking outside the box. Simply put, NewThink Theater only seeks speakers with attitude and behavior. Speakers that are all ready and set to change the way we live, the way we think, and the way we do things through innovative ideas and projects that make life easier and raise the standard of living.

Other Ways You Can Help 

We need your support; if you believe in us and like the concept upon which we build the NewThink Theater, please let people know… share it through whatever means and tools that you have. 

Your support means so much to us and will not go unappreciated. 

All contibutors will have their pictures up on the NewThink Theater Screens at the event days as a NewThink family member! 

Zain Jordan
18 Feb,2014

Omar O sukhon
13 Feb,2014

12 Feb,2014

The Online project
12 Feb,2014

11 Feb,2014

Karim Kawar
11 Feb,2014

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New Think is the umbrella under which three projects are housed, New think theater, New think festival, and New think studio New think theater was initiated in 2009 by Mr. Maher Kaddoura, under Al-Jude for scientific care (NGO) that aims…

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$25 or more

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() A picture of the contributor along with his/her name will be on New think's screen on the day of the event () Become an ambassador of New think. () 2 invitations will be waiting for the contributor at the Cultural palace Amman - Jordan () Public thank you on your official page () All contributors will take a picture on the stage on the day of the event to share it on all social media accounts and keep it as a cover picture for newthink pages
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