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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

"As an extra reward : The First 20 Contributors will immediately receive FREE Book via Email and another two free book if the campaign succeed "

Do you love Arabic literature but find it hard to read or understand? Are you living the lifestyle in which reading
books is just too time consuming? Actually, do you even like reading books? What if you just want to fill your time

What is Nour Project ?
Nour Project aims to deliver audible Arabic books for people
like you! Our high quality and engaging audible books are perfect for you to play on your long commute to work, while
you're working in the office, or even when you're doing the dishes!

Vision Statement: To let millions of Arab all over the world have access to their favorite Arabic books by simply listening to them.

Mission Statement: To create high quality and engaging audio books available for Arabic speakers worldwide

Why Nour Project ?

Not just that, you will be doing it for a good cause! Unfortunately, not all of us have the blessing of sight. Therefore,
Nour project is donating an audible book to a blind person every time you purchase one.

You're not just being productive, but you're also benefiting yourself for a good cause.

In Nour Project , we are not just converting the readable text to Audible. We are Producing Audible with special criteria making the book not just Dry Knowledge source but an interesting and amazing experience. By selecting professional narrators and using sound effects and music , the audible will be worthy to listen.

Look to our work:

The Audiobooks will be:

-  For both gender and for a wide range of ages.

-  In Different topics and majors.

-  Available Via public libraries (Arab world), schools, universities, Blind Associations, mobile devices, iTunes, Amazon and other electronic stores.

Support Project Nour if:

-  You care about blind people.

-  You would like to read but you do not have the chance because of your lifestyle.

-  You want to live a new amazing experience with the books.

-  You adore music.

-  You would like to engage your children with Reading.


Our Team is a different story. With Mohammad, Noura, AnAs, Ahmad, Ameed and Tamer we have exactly the right team to go on with this project. Mohammad and Noura are the narrators, Tamer is the Developer, Ameed is the designer, AnAs is the Coordinator and Ahmad is supervisor. This is not our first project; we had the chance to work together on another project, and each one of us was able to follow each other beats.

A Closer Look:

We need to create a selection of 25 books using your funds! And guess what, you get to cast a vote for your desired book. All you need to do is donate to our project.

Let’s see why we need 8000 $ to produce 25 book:

-  1000 $: to buy some equipment such as Sound Card, Mixer, Computer and microphone.

-  2500 $: to prepare the studio.

-  4500 $: audiobooks production cost (180$ per audiobook).

o  These expenses include book cost, music tracks cost and running cost.

Any extra money (180$ per audiobook) the team will use it to produce another audiobook .


Thank you for reaching this section. Thank you for your interest in our project, we really appreciate this.

If you want to support us with money Thanks in Advance. If you like the idea, but you cannot support us with money do not worry you can still support us by spreading the world to your friends, on your social media or in any other way.

Thank you so much.

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Seeking a creative solution for blind people problem (reading) Nour project Takes it upon itself to provide that solution. Nour project came from larger Initiative started 6 month ago : "Don't Read It !". Don't Read It is a website…

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"As an extra reward : The First 20 Contributors will immediately receive FREE Book via Email and another two free book if the campaign succeed "
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