Sport Unite Youth! Support Sport for Social Change and Solidarity in Lebanon

Sports for as many as possible, for a practice of rights, social change and solidarity!
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Campaign successfully funded on: 14 Sep,2015

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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We believe in sport for all !

Sport, has a far way to go when it comes to public accessibility to facilities, qualified coaching, and visionary and transparent sport club development. However, a moment of physical activity can still mean the world to a child or a young person, and our mission is to make that happen for as many as possible, and then make that moment of physical activity a long lasting understanding of how sport can pave the path for social change and solidarity.

We aim for a change towards youth-empowerment and active participation in the building of a profound movement of sport-for-all.

A youth-led project, ‘Sports Unite Youth’ – has the intention to bring together youth in Lebanon with many local and international volunteers and coaches in a joint ‘sports for all’ initiative. This initiative has its point of departure in the Palestinian community and refugee camps of Lebanon.

Agreeing on the important social impact of sports, sport clubs in the camps and sport enthusiasts have decided to reach out, not only to each other, but to all communities in Lebanon, and to support the capacity building of young people with the aim to nurture well-educated community coaches, build transparent and participatory sport clubs and support an innovative and healthy practicing of sports, as we promote the practice of rights among the youth through sports.

By donating to our project you will be supporting:

3 initiative, 17 young community coaches and organizers, over 150 children, over 400 people, in 8 months.


1st Milestone (8000 USD)

A summer sports camp which brings together around 80 children and young people from Palestinian refugee camps around Lebanon, who in cooperation with both local and international coaches and volunteers will spend a week of full practice of their physical capacities, their social skills, teamwork and their ability to train and coach others in their communities (peer to peer,  coach-child methods).

2nd Milestone (25.000 USD)

Intensive capacity building of three young ambassadors of the ‘sport-for-all’ initiative. These 3 young volunteers have been selected for a scholarship at the Danish sport school (IHÅ). They will spend five months of intensive training and exchange and then return to Lebanon to become the lead of the future development of the sport initiative in Lebanon

3rd Milestone (31.000 USD)

An open sport and fundraising event in Beirut inviting local sport clubs and other stakeholders around Lebanon to advocate for a ‘sports-for-all’-movement.

4th Milestone (anything over 31.000 USD)

Any amount donated after we have reached our third milestone of 31.000 USD will support the overall continuity of the project, and the planning and implementation of future sport events and capacity building courses for young people in Lebanon.

Our dream is:

To open a school of sports and physical activity for community development in Lebanon which would nurture the ‘sports for all’- movement.

Support the kickstart of our ‘Sport for all’ initiative

The volunteers of the project have developed an action-plan for the coming development of the ‘sport for all’ initiative. They are now searching for the economic and moral support needed, and this is where you come into the picture! We need YOUR help to kick-off this project for sport, social change and solidarity.

So please, support us with a contribution, and become a part of our movement towards ‘sports for all’.

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$5 or more

50 Available

A BIG THANK YOU! on our facebook side
$20 or more

29 Available

Contributors will get a selection of postcards. Postcards are of photos taken by experts of our activities and interventions All contributors will get a BIG THANK YOU on our facebook side.
$50 or more

17 Available

Contributors will have a special invitation to our Open Sports Event, to share the joy with the children and youth from the local clubs. All contributors will get a BIG THANK YOU on our facebook side.
$100 or more

17 Available

contributors will get a handmade craft, made by children that are participating at the training camp & their parent/s. Crafts will be handed to you at the Open Sports Event for which you will get a special invitation. All contributors will get a BIG THANK YOU on our facebook side.
$200 or more

16 Available

A special package which includes all the items mentioned above, in a special packaging. Package will be handed to you at the Open Sports Event. All contributors will get a BIG THANK YOU on our facebook side.
$500 or more

20 Available

Contributors will be invited to join a training session with the children in either basketball or football. session will be lead by our experts and the youth ambassadors after their return from Denmark. Please join the Open Sports Event to meet our experts and enjoy a day of sports. All contributors will get a BIG THANK YOU on our facebook side.
$1000 or more

14 Available

Contributors will get their shirt signed by a promising athlete from the local clubs at the Open Sport Event, OR get a child's favorite sport shirt signed and mailed to you. All contributors will get a BIG THANK YOU on our facebook side.
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