People with special needs A segment of more than one million war products in Syria according to the United Nations, need training and educat
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 One of the results of the war in Syria is the emergence of a large segment of people with special needs (amounted to one million and one hundred thousand according to the United Nations)

This group needs psychological support and vocational training courses appropriate to the type of injury that the accused in order to get a profession appointed to get the work of the honest and self-reliance in legitimate gain.

We at Gharbetna Training and Development Center and Athar Training and Development Organization launched our project - they deserve more - to train a number of young men and women 100% free of charge for a number of training courses in the following disciplines:

(E-marketing - Web design and programming - Electronic design on the computer programs such as Photo Shop and Corel Draw - Office Art program management)

These courses are possible for many cases of people with special needs, thus securing job opportunities in companies, organizations and international bodies, all of which encourage the employment of this group and always have a share of them in the appropriate jobs to the extent of their disability.

We are at Gharbatna Center and Athar Organization we have a long experience in the same project.We have implemented several stages for a large group of unemployed Syrian youth who failed to study and achieve education during the years 2017 - 2018, so that 150 trainees graduated and we got three grants from the Dutch Foreign Ministry SAS and a group Of Syrian and Arab businessmen.

This is a very large project and we are trying to implement it in stages, we started with the beginning of the year and the next link is a video on the first phase of the project with the participation of some beneficiaries with special needs

The amount we will receive will be paid as follows:

- Wages of trainers based on training in various types of courses.

- Wages of training rooms in which these courses are given.

- Hospitality and stationery expenses needed by trainees.

- Internet wages, communications, marketing and advertising via social networking sites.

We are now applying for a platform zoomaal to get financial support to complete this important and vital project, and how important it is that your contribution is a great support for this large segment, which is waiting for you support , there is no objection to the implementation of the project in successive stages according to the amount required at this stage.

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